Name: Tim Mooney
Address: 29851-PVT. Dr-6231; Edgar Springs, MO 65462
Phone: 573-435-6462 Fax:
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 Passionett Hen Custom Boxes

Tim Mooney hails from the great State of Missouri and has lived there for the past 25 years. He has been an active hunter since the age of 12 and has hunted most species of game, but Missouri was the State that caught his passion for hunting the grand old turkey.

Tim grew up as a musician since the time he could walk. As his interest peaked in hunting turkey he soon learned to blend his talent into the art of call making. Having a natural ear for music was a definite plus for Tim and it quickly allowed him to learn the tonal qualities of various species of woods. Over the course of several years he discovered the individual qualities of these woods and the dramatic turkey sounds he could perfect through the blending of them.

His call making experience spans over a 25 year period. This coupled with his artistic capabilities has helped him create decorative box calls that are a true example of American Folk Art. Tim's art work is done through the use of a wood-burning tool where he will first draw then burn a variety of hunting scenes and gobbler related art on the box surfaces.

Tim's box calls are made from many different woods to include: Walnut, figured and burl Walnuts, Osage Orange, Sassafrass, Red Mahogany, Red Cedar, Butternut, Rock Maple and Cherry. All woods are hand selected by Tim to ensure quality craftsmanship before the calls are built. Customers that wish to have a one of a kind box call built can pick their choice of wood combinations.

Tim produces a field grade call as well as those who wish to have custom art work in the form of wood burning. All calls are genuine and Tim guarantees not to sell seconds. Every call that is shipped from the hunting grade to the collectors models are built with demanding attention. Each call comes with a guarantee that if you are not happy you can send it back within 10 days for a complete refund.

Special Note: Tim is no longer producing his slate line of calls, but he will build his box slate call by special request.

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