Name: Kenny Morgan
Address: 2080 Ravenstone Loop; College Station, TX 77845
Phone: 979-690-6083 Fax:
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 Morgan's Turkey Callers

This turkey hunter, guide and call maker started his career at the age of ten years. With a call he made he took his first bird on the family farm in Jackson, Louisiana. That was in 1956 and ever since Kenny has been involved in this passion. Kenny Morgan feels that he has taken or been responsible for taking over 500 gobblers as a hunter and guide. This is a record that is going to be hard to top for anyone. It goes without saying that with this type of success that you have to have learned something about hunting turkeys over the years with this type of results.

Kenny had such and interest in learning about these Monarchs of the forest that he studied biology and physics at LSU. It was his desire to learn everything that he could about the wild turkey and that desire and interest resulted in the creation of the "Morgan Caller". Kenny developed, perfected, patented this call and offered it for sale to the public in 1972. This call offers a gobble like no other call known.

In 1987 Kenny shared his 30 plus years of turkey observation with others by authoring the book "Turkey Hunting - A One Man Game". This book deals with matters concerning the killing of a mature spring gobbler. The book also offers scientific facts and modern day management techniques about the wild turkey. The main part of this wonderful book deals with getting the drop on the wily wild gobbler. Kenny's incredible wealth of intuition and knowledge are evident throughout the pages of this fifteen-chapter book. If you're a serious turkey hunter this book may already be on your shelf-but if not it should be.

If this wasn't enough already, Kenny came out with yet another great caller in 1999. The Frictionwood Turkey Caller. This all-wood friction call is so easy to use that it worked like a charm for this writer with the very first try. It covers all the sounds you can expect from a hen or old gobbler turkey, clucks, purrs and yelps. This call can also produce the quaver sound of a young hen that will cause gobblers to absolutely throw caution to the wind.

Kenny has a genuine interest in people, his fellow hunters and has a special interest in young hunters. He takes the time to guide, call up birds and help educate young hunters. He is a call demonstrator, legendary storyteller and turkey hunter seminar speaker.

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