Name: Mark Nethery
Address: 11501 Saratoga Club Rd.; Louisville, KY 40299
Phone: 502-266-6652 Fax:
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Mark Nethery began hunting at the age of 5, taking part in the traditional family Thanksgiving Rabbit Hunt. At age 9 Mark inherited a Winchester Model 53 that had already passed through the hands of an uncle and grandfather. “There wasn’t a rabbit, squirrel or blackbird that was safe…it’s hard to imagine how much game that gun has taken”. Mark still has that gun, which holds a cherished place in his gun cabinet.

Today Mark hunts and fishes extensively throughout the United States, Canada, South & Central America and the Caribbean…all the while studying the sounds and habits of the game he is in pursuit, as well as the techniques of other hunters.

Like most people, Mark used commercially made calls but noticed they all sounded alike. One of Mark’s philosophies is that calls should sound differently, just as no animal or person sounds the same.

Mark’s first calls were often given to friends who would report back on their success, those successes lead to more requests and refinement of the craft and sound. Turkey calls made are slate/glass, glass/glass, one piece turned strikers, box calls that often contain mosaic inlay on the paddle top and locator calls. Choosing to work strictly with instrument grade exotic woods, such as bubinga, padouk, cocobolo and zebrawood are favorites although it is not unusual for a call to be made from a customer’s wood that carries a story or history. All calls are signed and can be personalized upon request.

Marks calls are not limited just to turkey. Mark hunts a wide variety of game, creating just as wide a variety of game calls including duck, deer, elk and predator calls. All calls are custom handcrafted and field ready.

Mark hunts turkey with gun and bow, taken several B & C / P & Y deer, elk, antelope and bear; He is a trophied Skeet and Sporting Clays Shooter, an accomplished custom knife maker, jeweler, painter, sketch artist and bowl turner working with native downed trees.

Crafting as many as 500 calls a year, Mark’s work is often found in auctions & fundraisers, bringing very handsome prices, many of his calls can be found displayed in personal collections.

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