Name: John Parker
Address: 5270 Waynemadson Road; Trenton, OH 45067
Phone: 513-988-0787 Fax:
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 Artistically Crafted Calls

Collectors of custom turkey calls look for a variety of things when adding to their collection. Common elements include sound quality; call assembly, and wood characteristics. But finishing touches and uniqueness is what separates the average call from the high end. John Parkers Artistically Crafted calls are a definite must have for collectors looking to add a unique piece to their collection.

Born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, John was influenced by two factors. First the close bond he had with his brothers and also his love of the great outdoors, both of which lead him to start hunting and making turkey calls. John’s call making began some 20 years ago when he built his first wingbone call from the wingbones of the first gobbler he bagged. To this day that call still hangs in his collection.

It was in the early 80’s after a move to Trenton Ohio that John met an old turkey hunter and call maker by the name Dave Hingsbergen. Hingsbergen who preferred old suction type calls, took notice of John’s talent in artwork and asked him to repair some cracked wingbone calls he had made. John painted a picture of a turkey over the cracks and from that day forward a solid friendship had started. Through the years Hingsbergen encouraged John to try his hand a different types of calls and now John and Dave regularly find themselves sitting around the kitchen table and discussing new and different ideas.

As time passed Hingsbergen convinced John to join the NWTF and consider entering his calls in the yearly competitions that NWTF holds. Reluctant at first, John took his advice and entered the 2001 NWTF national decorative call competition. John’s calls were an instance success with the judges where he took 3rd place in the air operated and honorable mention with three other calls. In 2002 John’s turkey calls made an even greater impression. John took 1st place in the carved and painted box category, 1st in the turtle shell, 2nd in the locator and 2nd in the air operated.

John currently makes and sells three types of calls (painted wingbones, field grade box calls and carved and collector calls). Calls are often made on commission and he makes approximately 100 calls a year. He enjoys spending time working with a variety of woods and the unique characteristics they have to offer. His preferred wood to work with is cherry, but he is always open to suggestion from customers. John makes calls under the name “Artistically Crafted Calls”, a name that is perfect fit for the quality and detail that goes into these fine masterpieces.

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