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Living in Wisconsin turkey hunting is a new outdoor adventure. The sport unlike in the south is not as steeped in traditions and history. We must apply for a permit in a lottery very spring and fall and if you’re a lucky hunter you get the chance to match wits with this Monarch of the forest. It was after my first spring hunt that I was hooked. It took me four years to get my chance. Spring turkey hunting has since become a passion.

It was few years ago that I went to my first NWTF convention to enter their art/carving contest. I was overtaken by the beautiful calls that were entered into that competition. Being a wood carved that did bird carvings I saw the connection between turkey calls and my art. I quickly learned the calls and interviewed everyone I could on the subject. An engineer by education I wanted to design what I thought would be an outstanding hunting call and to be able to hunt with my own calls. It seemed to me that the quality and craftsmanship form calls being made was lacking. I worked with several ideas and came up with what I think is a series of outstanding quality calls. For the hunter I offer a double-sided box call, a fence post call and both slate and glass duplex calls. In addition I let my creative talents take over and carve highly detailed special calls for the true collector. Both my hunting calls and decorative calls have won awards in all the major call shows around the country including Best Of Show awards at the annual Call Makers and Collectors show in St. Charles IL and the Landmark’s Gallery Call Makers show for the past two years.

As a call maker for over ten years making high-end waterfowl calls I know and understand the importance of quality and performance in the field. I know my calls will satisfy the most demanding and discriminating of hunters. I am so confident in this that I guarantee all my calls. If you don’t like the call I make for you then you simply need to return it. I’ll replace it or refund your money, no questions asked.

My calls are only made or order. They are all hand worked and I do not sell through stores or catalogs. A quality caller takes time to make and tune. Each is unique and requires special handling through the tuning process that does not lend itself to mass production work. I have a long waiting list for my calls and if you want a Wildfowl Game Call you must be patient. Orders are filled as they are received and waiting periods may be as much as a year for hunting calls and longer for fancy calls. I produce a limited number of calls in a month and they are sold out quickly. Please take the time to visit my personal web page for more information and pricing. You won’t be sorry you did!

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