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 Kevin Poeschel Custom Calls

One quick glance at the last name and it becomes quite obvious; Kevin is the son of Dennis Poeschel who was instrumental with Custom Calls Online coming to fruition. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kevin like his father is active in a number of organizations like NWTF, DU, Wisconsin Waterfowl Association and also Delta Waterfowl. A knowledgeable hunter and avid fisherman, Kevin participates in most of these outdoor activities in the Wisconsin area. He loves to hunt duck, goose, turkey and even deer but looks forward to widening his game selection in the future.

Kevin’s call making ability was the direct result from a desire to spend quality time with his father. He recounts the many hours his dad spent in the shop building calls and Kevin always enjoyed helping out any way he could. During those early years, call making was looked at as just a fun activity with dad. But, over the course of time he picked up a wealth of information that many of todays call makers would consider invaluable. Call making in essence came natural to Kevin, thanks to this great teacher, but what has also played an important role is his background in art.

Kevin quickly picked up on the proper steps and processes involved in making duck and goose calls, but now he finds himself leaning more toward turkey calls. When making turkey calls, Kevin feels the sky is the limit because of the many styles that can be produced. In his mind, turkey calls are completely open to the imagination as these allow you to become very creative. This ability to be creative is also why he doesn’t have a favorite type of call to make. Instead, it is more of a favorite thing to do with a call. His most enjoyable aspect of call making is the ability to carve. Kevin states: When you carve on a call it makes that call unique. No other call will ever be alike, you can make a call to look close but it will never be identical.

Full time or hobby call making is a decision many call makers face as they begin building calls. For Kevin, he prefers to leave it as a hobby for fear that if it turns into a business, the enjoyment will fade and the quality won’t be the same. He also finds the process of call making extremely relaxing.

Kevin produces a variety of calls out of many woods. His preference is the different flavors of Walnut especially English. He builds approximately 30 or less calls each year and provides both types of calls. Field grade calls for hunting and collector grade calls that can cure the itch of any collector. He regularly enters many of the call making shows and has won numerous first and second place ribbons. His most significant accomplishment was winning the Best of Show at the CCAA in 2002. His greatest challenge today is trying to win in a show and be standing next to his father who has also won in a picture of the top winners.

Overall Kevin enjoys nothing better than to make calls for the serious hunter. The greatest satisfaction is hearing how his customers enjoy his calls and how they helped make someone’s hunt successful.

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