Name: Rick Powell
Address: 8920 Ryan Lane; Waxhaw, NC 28173
Phone: 704-243-4309 Fax:
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 Blue Ridge Calls

Growing up in Virginia, Rick enjoyed hunting at a very early age. His father introduced him to hunting when he was old enough to sit still and retrieve the doves he shot. As he got older the days of supervised hunting only with a BB gun eventually lead to the use of a shotgun. But even then, through his father's watchful eye he was only allowed one shell at a time. Times have changed and now Rick finds himself in the same role as he teaches his children the same ethics he learned years ago as a child. The time spent with his father and other hunters in the community have given him a passion for the outdoors and a hunting heritage, something he now strives to pass on.

Another passion of Rick's somewhat developed out of need, has been his interest in woodworking. While in college he encountered the same problems most students face, the need for extra spending money. It was here he began making furniture to help furnish his apartment. After college he continued woodworking and looking for ways to improve his woodworking skills, by taking on additional projects. It just so happened that making turkey calls became a means of combining his two passions into one product.

Today, Rick has found his niche in making a line of slate and glass friction calls and box calls that go by the name Blue Ridge Calls. The name Blue Ridge was chosen because of property his family owns in Bath County, VA located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You wont find a better place on earth to hunt turkey, deer, grouse and other forms of wildlife. Rick's early years of woodworking made it relatively easy for him to start making calls, but he didn't anticipate the detail that goes into making a call sound good. As time progress, this obstacle would soon be overcome but not until he had culled many of the first calls he developed.

Blue Ridge Calls are made one at a time by Rick personally. Friction calls are his favorite to make because they allow him to be creative. He primarily uses cherry, walnut, and maple but he looks for special characteristics in woods like curly, spalted, burls or unique grain patterns. All woods used are air dried to insure the natural look of the wood. Each call is made to look good but if it doesn't sound good first and foremost it will be discarded. Callmaking is currently a hobby with call production at around 200 a year, but Rick sees the business growing as the demand for his calls continue to increase. Many of his calls have been featured at NWTF banquets as well as Ducks Unlimited and the Ruffed Grouse Society.

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