Name: Eric Pritchett
Address: 511 Park Avenue; Kimberly, AL 35091
Phone: 205-647-5234 Fax:
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 Pritchett's Custom Turkey Calls

Eric Pritchett grew up in Forestdale Alabama, which is on the outskirts of Birmingham. Hunting and fishing since the age of 5, Eric was fortunate to have a father who often took him at every opportunity and instilled in him a love for the great outdoors. This trait alone is one he looks forward to teaching his son and daughter as they grow up. Eric is also an active member in the Birmingham chapter of NWTF and is especially active with the Jakes program.

Call making for Eric began in the mid 80’s while he worked for a local cabinet shop. This environment helped spawn the idea of trying to build his first turkey call. After making calls for close friends he quickly decided that he was on to something great. His primary influence was none other that M. L Lynch who lived in Homewood Alabama. Although he never personally meet Mr. Lynch he was fortunate to have several of these famous calls to pattern his ideas from. He quickly came up with a style of his own and soon the “Pritchett's Custom Turkey Calls” was born. However, being self-taught has it set backs. Eric states his number one obstacle was not having the right tools or the time to spend in the shop, which is a common problem for call makers when they start out. Needless to say, he now possesses the needed tools to complete the calls, but he jokes that he is still short on time (i.e. raising 2 children).

Eric’s line of calls is quite impressive. He currently makes both double and single side box calls, scratch boxes, 2 and 3 joint wing bone calls, river cane and also turtle shell slate calls. His wing bone calls are made from wild birds he has harvested through out the season and are one of his favorite type calls to make along with the turtle shell slate calls. His box and scratch calls are built using a mixture of black walnut, mahogany and cedar. All of Eric’s calls from the wing bone to the box calls are 100% handcrafted by Eric himself. Each call is signed and dated for the year it was made and are guaranteed to call birds or it never leaves the shop.

Eric can also be found on page 181 of Earl Mickels book, “Turkey Call Makers Past and Present, The Rest of the Best”.

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