Name: Tim Sandford
Address: 11911 Ottawa Avenue; Orlando, FL 32837
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Tim Sandford resides in Orlando Florida where he works as an Electronic Test Technician Specialist. Happily married and a father to a teenage son who is his part time hunting partner and callmaking assistant, this Technician/hobby callmaker is starting to get some recognition in the callmaking community. Tim's hunting experience in Florida started in 1986 and ranges across a variety of wildlife from deer, wild turkey and even wild hogs. In Tim's own words "I love being in the woods and outdoors" and one couldn't agree more with a statement like that.

Tim's initial experience with woodworking began in junior high and continued through high school. Since then, most of that knowledge had expired, until 3 years ago Tim and his son began making 5 piece glued box calls in between deer and turkey season. Limited to only a table saw, some hand clamps and few hand tools, Tim determined this would be a great activity for both him and his son to spend quality time together and let his son cut his teeth on using some tools around the shop. The result of this activity was a learning experience for both of them. Overall the calls weren't hard to make, but getting the turkey sound out of the call became the challenge. In the end this duo was successful with building 30 - 40 calls, which they then gave to friends and sold along the way. With the proceeds from this effort Tim purchased a wood lathe and a set of wood turning chisels. That same day Tim found himself in the shop turning a call and he has been turning them ever since.

Over the past three years Tim and his son's callmaking hobby has turned into more of a business than just a hobby. Fortunately callmaking came natural to Tim and has helped him encounter very few obstacles along the way. But like any good callmaker he too struggles with finding reasonably priced sources for materials like slate, glass, copper and aluminum in the proper size and quality. Tim’s biggest complaint is the ability to find high quality eye appealing wood. It has taken Tim several years to master this, but over that period of time he has become a master at determining which blocks of wood will deliver unique characteristics and quality turkey sounds. Proof of this comes from his loyal customer base that often comments on the quality and looks of his calls.

Tim uses a variety of wood types when he makes calls and there are not many woods he won’t try his hand at. He prefers to use wood that has some kind of unique characteristic (i.e. spalted, quilted, burl, curly, wavy grain). His rational backed with a bit of humor is, even when the hunt doesn’t go as planned you can always look back at the calls uniqueness and there is something to talk about at the cabin when the hunt is over. His favorite call to make is a cocobolo double slate call. It is a very dense South American Wood with great tonal quality and one that polishes well and feels great when held in your hand. This call itself provides the truest sound of a real turkey when properly operated.

Annual production of calls for Tim is 100 a year and that number continues to rise. This is evident by the positions he has placed in callmaking contests. His first event to enter was the 5th Annual Midwest Wisconsin Callmaking Contest. He finished in fourth place with an Honorable Mention. From there he proceeded to the NWTF Nationals in Nashville Tennessee. Although he didn’t place, 4 of his calls made it to the final 10 in the Working Class Division. This was a major feat considering there were a total of 165 calls entered. Tim’s best showing to date was the results of the 6th Annual Midwest Wisconsin NWTF Call Makers Contest. Tim placed 1st and 3rd in the Other Friction category and followed that up with a 3rd place finish in the Slate Call category along with an Honorable Mention in the Glass Call category.

Although Tim is new to the profession of callmaking his calls display the quality of someone who has been turning them for a lifetime. He makes both field grade and collector grade calls. Collector grade calls are usually made out of a very special piece of wood and/or inlaid on the side along with a carving on the bottom. Tim takes pride in every call he makes and strives to produce a quality durable call. His goal is to produce a call that will be around long enough to be handed down to a son or grandson who ultimately will form the next generation of turkey hunters.

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