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 Shorty's Custom Calls

It is hard to believe that a project that started back in 1967 by Larry's father and grandfather would ultimately lead Larry to the art of call making. The project was a mauser action with a Rheinhart Fagen stock from Iowa. It wasn't until 15 years later that Larry completed this project by trying his hand at carving on the stock. In the years that followed he became an expert at carving butt stocks, pistol grips and fore grips for various guns. However, in 1994 Larry was introduced to wild turkey hunting and soon his gunstock carving skills evolved into making turkey calls.

His first attempt at making a turkey call started with a routered out wood box and a piece of slate from one of his kids chalkboards. Larry stated, "It looked pretty crude but didn't sound to bad". As time progressed and the call making became easier, he began carving on them. Ultimately he found that call making was the perfect way to promote his carving skills while showing his love for turkey hunting.

The combination of these two skills has indeed paid off over the last several years. He entered his first call making competition after seeing an ad in the state NWTF newsletter. It was the "Midwest Call Competition" in 2000 and he took 3rd place in the Decorative Friction division. The following year 2001, he again placed, taking 2nd in both the Carved Box Call and Friction divisions and an Honorable Mention in the locator call category. That same year he again placed 3rd in the Carved Box Call division at the NWTF Nationals where he faced some of the best call makers in the nation. Gene Upward, Dave Constantine, Chris Utke, Jeff Zimmerman and Dennis Poeschel are just a few of the call makers that have inspired him over the years.

Larry calls go by the name "Shorty's Custom Calls". He makes a variety of turkey calls, to include; Box calls, scratch boxes, slate calls and yelpers to name just a few. Each call is hand made from the best of stock and can be custom ordered with relief carvings if the buyer so chooses. Larry also makes a line of duck and goose calls in both walnut and exotic woods.

Larry has placed in the following call competitions:

NWTF Midwest Decorative Turkey Call Competition:
1st place Terrapin Shell
2nd place Carved Boxcall, not painted
2nd place Turned Barrel Yelper
Honorable Mention Best Overall Presentation

NWTF Grand National Turkey Call Competition:
2nd place Carved Boxcall, not painted
3rd place Locator Call
Honorable Mention Terrapin Shell

NWTF Grand National Duck and Goose Call Competition:
1st place Duck and Goose Open Division

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