Name: Brian Schlifke
Address: 1937 Townline Road; Lancaster, NY 14086
716-684-2280 Fax:
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 Poverty Hill Turkey Calls

Brian Schlifke was born and raised in Western New York State. If you happen to meet Brian it will probably be at one of the many organizations that he is a member of or supports. Brian is active member of the New York Bow hunters, Hawkeye Bowmen, NRA and the NWTF where both he and his brother Karl teach turkey hunting classes for the local archery youth camps. Brian’s hunting skills boast a 25-year span of hunting turkey, whitetail deer and small game with his brother Karl and his wife Pat. His passion is anything related to the history of primitive type skills and artifacts to include: flint knapping, primitive arrow making or his newest venture River Cane Turkey Calls.


The story behind Poverty Hill Turkey Calls started when Brian was talking with some friends at a flint knapper gathering. The topic of conversation turned to the art of making river cane turkey calls. Brian who currently made river cane arrows thought, why not try his hand at making a few turkey calls. So he did and after showing them to a few friends one thing lead to another. Now two years later he has added a new primitive skill under his belt. And also a new item to trade or barter with.

Poverty Hill calls are Aboriginal Style very similar to the way prehistory calls were made and appeared. His calls go by the name Poverty Hill taken after the location he and his brother Karl have hunting most of their past 25 years. Karl Schlifke can be found in Earl Mickel’s book “The Rest of the Best” and he has been great influence to Brian over the last several years.

Brian handcrafts these Aboriginal Style River Cane Turkey Calls one at a time. Each call has a personality of its own work the same way a traditional wing-bone call works. No two calls sound alike just as no two hens sound alike in the wild. This is one of the secrets as to why Poverty Hill Turkey Calls work so well on shy birds. Brian makes limited number of these calls each year and enjoys trading these calls for other type game calls, historical trekking items, and primitive archery items. Brian can be reached at the email above or his personal website.

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