Name: Jack Scott
Address: 124 Creekwood Road; Cochran, GA 31014
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 Scott's Cutter

When you talk to Jack Scott you will quickly discover he is quite an authority when it comes to discussing facts about wild turkeys. His career led him to the Millhaven Plantation in East Georgia where he spent 11 years as the Wildlife Manager. Following that he began working for the Georgia Wildlife Division of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). In 1996 he retired from the DNR at the age of 65 and was ultimately responsible for supervising 10 wildlife management areas for the State of Georgia. Throughout his career he spent many hours sitting in blinds, and trapping wild turkeys for restocking projects in Georgia. He has heard about every noise that a turkey makes and a large percentage of those sounds were so close he could almost reach out and touch them.

Jack’s interest in turkey hunting started in the early 70’s. While hunting he tried a variety of turkey calls available on the market, but never found one that he really liked. The following year Jack decided he would try and build one of his own before the new turkey season rolled around. After several attempts he built a one-sided box call, which actually produced a pretty good sound. The only thing left for him to do was give his newly created call one final field test. Spending only a short amount of time in the woods the box call produced the results he was looking for as he killed a gobbler within a short amount of time. This experience started Jack off on two lifelong ventures – turkey hunting and building turkey calls which he continues to this day.

He officially started building calls in 1980 with his first calls being one-sided box calls and short two-sided box calls. It took Jack approximately 10 years of trial and error to perfect a sound, size and shape he was pleased with. Over those 10 years he invented more than 10 different jigs that he now uses for building his box calls. Each jig has a specific purpose and helps him make a particular part of the call whether it is the base, sides, or lid. Once the components have been built, he begins gluing them together and preparing for his next step of hand sanding the call. Following this he ensures the striker fits properly before he attaches it with a brass screw. After the call has been fully assembled, he spends time tuning it to the proper pitch and then sets it aside for the final coats of finish with the last being a good wax.

It wasn’t until 1990 that Jack ultimately developed what he now calls the “Scott’s Cutter”. The Scott’s Cutter makes great purrs, yelp’s, cuts, clucks and the best fly down cackle that can be made on a box call. The amazing thing is all of these sounds can be made on either side of the box. Each box is numbered, signed and the type of wood used printed on the side. This long two-sided box call measures 11 ¼ long and 2” high and comes with additional chalk inside. The base is made from Walnut or Poplar. The striker is made from birch. The sides of the call are from either a combination of the following or two of the same type wood. Boxes are made from Butternut, Catalpa, Cherry, Chestnut, (limited - 100 + year old wood from a log cabin in Tennessee) Chinaberry, Dark or Colored Poplar, Holly, Mahogany, Mulberry, Nogal (from South America), Paulownia, Rock Maple, Sassafras, Sycamore, Wormy Maple, Cedar Elm, Dogwood and other woods.

All of Jack’s “Scott’s Cutter” calls come with a satisfaction guarantee. Each call is hand built and tuned by Jack himself and made for both collectors and hunters. For those customers that want added protection for their calls, he also sells custom built holsters that the calls can be carried in. Jacks other specialties include custom built strikers. These strikers are made out of various woods and make a great addition or replacement for those individuals who use slate calls.

Although new to the Custom Calls Online website Jack’s callmaking history has not gone unnoticed. In 1994 he was included in Earl Mickle’s first book “Turkey Callmakers, Past and Present”. He has also been featured in the magazines and journals like the “Georgia Outdoor Adventures”, the “Macon Telegraph”, the “Cochran Journal”, and the “Turkey and Turkey Hunting Magazine”. He regularly attends the Annual Outdoor Show at the Atlanta expo and also the Turkeyrama in Perry Georgia. If you don’t get to meet him at these events be sure and visit his website which is listed above.

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