Name: Alan Sentell
Address: 822 Union Street; Summerville, GA 30747
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 New Moon Game Calls 

Alan started turkey hunting the very first year Alabama had a season. Like many of us he was hooked. It took him two years to get that edge on the turkey and get his first bird. When he started he had an old box call, his dad’s quail gun, no camo and nobody to learn from. He figured it all out the hard way as to what worked and what did not. Since that time Alan has guided and hunted every season since then and figures he’s still learning.


His call making hobby started in the early 90's. Like many call makers he began with the standard box call. These first production calls turned out to be the same size as most calls on the market. But as time went on he realized that the call was just to big and hard to handle. So he began experimenting in the shop and looked for ways to down size the call. After several modifications he felt he had finally built the perfect call. One that was small enough to handle but still had great tone and volume.

A lot has changed for New Moon Game calls since the 90's. Today Alan offers up a full line of custom friction and trumpet calls to complement his one sided box calls. His friction calls offer something most calls don't. The ability to play both sides of the call. Each side of the call has been tuned to provide the most realistic wild turkey sound. Each friction call is accompanied with a hand turned striker. Trumpet calls are becoming more prevalent among hunters and Alan offers a complete line of them as well. Trumpets are a special order item with Alan with the customer being given the option of choosing their desired wood and design. All trumpet styles are fitted with hand turned buffalo horn mouth pieces.

Favorite woods used are walnut and box elm, but Alan does not limit himself to these woods only. He also makes calls from Alaskan yellow cedar, locust, mahogany, poplar and sassafras. When a call is sold it is 100% woods ready. Every call is fine tuned and made to Alan’s exacting standards. If it isn’t right it goes into the scrap pile. No call will leave his shop unless he would hunt with it himself.

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