Name: Robert Styles
Address: P.O. Box 116; Slater, SC 29683
Phone: 864-836-3318 Fax:
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 Carolina Game Calls

In 1982 Robert Styles was introduced to turkey hunting as a dare. While on a Deer hunting trip a friend had asked if he saw all the turkeys in the woods that day. That conversation turned into a discussion on turkeys and the difficulties of hunting them. As a chance to show his hunting ability he decided to give it a try.

With a commercially produced box call he went into the field and quickly got a great response to his calls. Making a move on the old Tom was another story however. Robert wanted to get closer to the bird and moved after the birds attention was already gained. As he says, "I never saw that turkey again". Like so many turkey hunters today the seed was sown and Robert was hooked. A new turkey hunter was born.

Being something of a perfectionist Robert Styles felt he could make better calls then those that were already on the market. Most calls, he feels, sound to perfect. He wanted to make calls that have a more natural raspy sound to them. A real hen would have a terrible time placing in any call contest. They make scratchy sounds and even miss a note or two from time to time. The better mousetrap syndrome took over and for about as long as he has been hunting turkeys Robert has been making calls to lure then in.

Starting with the wing bones from his first turkey he made his first yelpers. It’s a call he still uses today. Although he still makes wing bone yelpers, his calls have become more high tech these days. He makes other suction type calls from River Cane and a variety of Native and Exotic Hardwoods, as well as friction calls using plastic pots and carbon rod strikers.

Friends, close to Robert, encouraged him to sell his calls and that is how Carolina Game Calls was born. This business is run out of his house, like many custom call makers. Calls are made just because he enjoys making them. Every call produced is hand made and hand tuned. The idea on making allot of the same thing just isn’t in the cards as a future. Custom work is what Robert likes the best. If it isn’t right them it’s just not sold. Robert Styles claims to be a perfectionist that is always looking for that imperfect sound.

Along with the various calls that Robert makes he also sells a line of videos that bring humor and fun to the sport of hunting and fishing. If your looking for some clean fun and entertainment for the family you can't go wrong with these videos. Join Robert and his friends as they take you on many exciting and hilarious hunting and fishing adventures at the fictional Carolina Game Calls hunt camp, fish pond and wildlife preserve.

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