Name: Doug Totty Jr. (DECEASED SEPTEMBER 23, 2013)
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 The Eastern Assassin

Doug Totty has been hunting wild turkeys since he was just a young boy. He killed his first bird in 1958 at the age of 10. Through his many years of hunting Doug has used and made just about every type of caller available. In 1990 Doug suffered a serious injury that laid him up for several years. It was during his time that he thought about and developed the Eastern Assassin Turkey Call. It was in 1994 that he began using the call in the field while guiding turkey hunts. Accurate records on Doug's part shows that with only this call in hand he has called in over 73 Toms. That's quite a record! To Doug's credit as well is his feelings about the sport. He will not harvest or let his clients take any bird unless it's a Tom with a 6" minimum beard. Shooting Jakes and hens is out of the question for Doug.

With over three years in it's development the Eastern Assassin is now available to the public. This is a unique and very special call. This suction call is a baffled wingbone design. It is the only such call on the market today. The intent and purpose of the call was to be able to make all the sounds of the wild hen turkey. The term ALL should be underlined. Doug is proud to say that this call will do every sound the hen makes and with a little practice the hen can be mimicked perfectly. The call is easily mastered and prevents the hunter from calling to loud. This call can also be played using just one hand as well. From the softest perp and pee calls to the cuts, clucks and yelps that are more traditional to the hunter. As an editorial note I heard Doug play this call over the phone, I swore Doug had a hen sitting right next to him. The sounds were very life like and very real.

Doug thinks of himself as a tone smith. Having played musical instruments for years he has a great ear. This is the one quality most great call makers have. They understand what it is they are hearing and can work to duplicate those tones till they reach the exact pitch, tone and volume. Along with each call Doug sends an audio tape to show the new owner just how the call works and what you need to do to make it work. The tapes are made with the exact call you get. It's not a generic tape. Each call takes more then half a day to make. Each Eastern Assassin caller is 100% hand made and tuned exclusively by Doug. He will not sell any call he feels he would not be willing to but in his personal hunting bag.

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