Name: Dave Tyree
Address: 2865 117th Street; Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Phone: 715-720-9226 Fax:
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 X-Treme Custom Turkey Calls

If you spend much time around callmakers you will probably catch yourself judging the quality of that callmakers calls by the number of years they have been building them. Most folks equate this number of years to a scale such as this; Novice, Intermediate and Expert. I to often catch myself thinking that unless that callmaker has 10 or more years under their belt they have not yet reached the plateau that separates the novice from the expert. But for some, the skill of callmaking just comes natural. That is especially true when you learn they already have won numerous awards for the quality and sound of their calls within a 5-year period. With that said let me introduce you to David Tyree.

Dave was born and raised in the small central town of Linn, Missouri. An avid hunter for more than 27 years, his interest in callmaking began through a close friend and turkey call collector by the name of Rod Bauer. The art of callmaking came so naturally to Dave that he has now made this activity a full time business. As with any new business, starting it takes time, effort and a lot of motivation and this is where his wife Kay plays an important role. Kay has become a true source of motivation for Dave as he deals with the day-to-day decisions that come with running a business. She not only helps out with the operation of the business but also through time has become one of his best hunting partners when out in the field. In Dave’s words “hunting with friends and family is soul food for me, both Kay and I have shared many successful days in the woods”.

Dave calls go by the name “X-Treme Custom Calls” taken after his motto that all his outdoor activities are taken to the extreme. Average for him is not an option and this is why customer satisfaction is top priority. If a call doesn’t sound good to both him and the customer it never leaves the shop. Since starting callmaking in 1998 he now averages around 250 friction calls and 50 box calls a year. Each call is built 100% by Dave and you can often find him in the shop tinkering with new designs and trying new styles. Friction calls by far are his favorite to build because they are easier to use and offer a variety of sounds and realism when used properly. Friction calls are built using Red Oak, Walnut and Lacewood and his box calls come in a variety of Yellow Popular, Butternut, Cedar, Chestnut and Purple Heart.

To date, Dave has won 52 N.W.T.F awards with the most significant being his 3 N.W.T.F Grand National Championship Titles and 2 Neil Cost Awards Best of Show Box call awards. If you’re in the market for a new turkey call from an up and coming callmaker, I strongly suggest you contact Dave and see what he has to offer.

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