Name: Tommy Walton
Address: 1403 Hodges Circle; Mansfield, GA 30055
Phone: 770-385-3350 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Tom Teasers Custom Calls

Tommy Walton is the type of person who enjoys nothing better than spending his time in the great outdoors. He was raised in Covington, GA and at a very young age began hunting with his grandfather. Growing up he spent every spare minute he could either hunting or fishing, and when the State of Georgia opened its first turkey season Tommy was ready with gun and hand and hasn’t missed a season since. He contributes his love of the outdoors and turkey hunting to his family, and is passionate about introducing young children to the sport of turkey hunting. A favorite motto you will often hear Tommy say: "If you keep your kids hunting, you won’t be hunting your kids."

Tommy worked for 27 years in the retail side of the meat processing industry. Acting as a supervisor over a three state region he was constantly on the road. This career took a lot of time away from his family and limited his ability to spend the kind of time he wanted with his son in the outdoors. In 1999 he felt it was time for a career change and he got completely out of the meat processing industry and decided to begin his own landscaping business. This change affords him the time to hunt and fish as he pleases and spend the quality time with his family and especially with his son.

He started making calls for two reasons. First he preferred a quality call verses a mass produced and second he desired a call that would give him consistent realistic sounds. Tommy has worked with a variety of different woods and materials looking for that perfect sound. He prefers walnut for his pots and laminate for his strikers because of the density and sound quality. Slate is his choice of material because of the realistic sound that can be produced. After making them for family and friends he decided it was time to put them on the market. Low and behold, what started as just a hobby has now turned into a full time business which produces 500 - 700 calls each year.

The calls themselves go by the name Tom Teasers because they produce the sound of a hen and when used in the field they always seem to tease the gobbler. Each call is hand made by Tommy and something he takes pride in considering the quantity he is able to produce. Tommy also produces a line of diaphragm, crow and grunt calls. Stop by and visit his website at and be sure to tell him you found him on CCO.

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