Name: Dan West
Address: 1114 Enterprise Road; Macon, MO 63552
Phone: 660-385-3750 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Dan West Game Calls

Dan West hails from an area well known for its populations of wild turkeys. He lives on his 240 acre farm located in Macon County in North Central Missouri. The area around Dan is has been known as the top turkey kill country in the state for the past several years. His farm is a prime example of that areas top turkey habitat and production. It's no wonder that Dan has such an interest in turkey calls and the outdoors.

Calls are not the only interest of Dan's. He loves black powder rifles and builds them from scratch in his shop. He was taught the tool and die maker's trade by his father and runs and manages his own shop. Most of the birds taken by Dan over the years were taken using one of his black powder shotguns.

Having taken over 40 long beards over the past 22 years suggests he is doingsomething right. The interest in making calls comes from finding a piece of slate in the woods. Dan fashioned a peg and began calling. Although simple in design he was able to bring in two good long beards to within six feet from him. It was them he decided to design and make his own calls.

In 1986 Dan started to produce his unique single slate call. As you can see in the pictures the call is unique and has design that no one else uses. It's a call that will fit nicely into your hands and also the pocket. There are no sharp corners to catch and most importantly it will call in turkeys. These calls are about 5" long and 2" in diameter. He makes them in a variety of woods including, walnut, cherry, oak and curly maple.

For more questions about calls or custom made Black powder rifles and shotguns contact Dan.

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