Name: Jerry White
Address: 77 Warren Road; Hazlehurst, GA 31539
Phone: 912-375-3237 Fax:
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 Dad's Custom Turkey Calls

Jerry White didn’t start hunting turkeys until he was an adult. The thought of spring meant fishing to Jerry. It was a friend that talked him into his first hunt. As Jerry tells it he was 100% hooked the very first time he heard a gobble.

Like so many new hunters Jerry went through his share of the mass-produced calls available off the shelf. Just about every call that they sold he bought and tried. He never could find the one call he was looking for. He realized he needed a custom call. Something made one at a time with great care. After studying others calls and the calls he bought he realized that he could make his own calls. With a strong background in wood working he set out to make that first call in 1995. His first attempts were pretty good and he bagged a gobbler with the first call he made. A call he still owns today.

Then like so many call makers he began making calls for a few friends. That lead to the idea that maybe others would have an interest and he decided he would try selling them. “Dad’s Calls” was started and what started as an interest to make a working call for himself turned into a rewarding small business. Quantity isn’t important as much as quality. Each call is made one at a time and every attention to detail is given serious consideration. Quality is of prime importance. These calls are like fine pieces of furniture. Their parts fit together well and the finish is exceptional. Call making is a great way to make a passion last for the whole year. It’s a way for Jerry to share his interest with the Wild Turkey and the Great Outdoors with others.

Today Jerry “Dad” makes a double-sided box call as well as a boat paddle call. The standard call is available in two grades. He offers a field grade call with a fully checkered box and lid and a collectors call that has a decorative painted lid and a checkered box. Favorite woods include but are not limited to Cherry, Butternut, Walnut, Mahogany, Purple Heart and Chestnut. Any combination of woods is possible and “Dad” will also be happy to make you a box call from your own wood as well. Great effort is made to select woods that will produce the best sound.

Each year Dad’s Calls makes a special limited edition set of 50 calls. Jerry picks a different wood combination each year and when those calls are sold out they are gone. Customers can buy the same numbers each year if they so choose. These are decorated calls similar to the collector’s additions and are signed and numbered.

For more information on Dad’s Calls and Jerry White drop him a note or give him a call. He would love to have the chance to make you that special call for your hunting vest or your collector’s cabinet.

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