Name: Shawn Williams
Address: 1818 Rockmart Hwy.; Cedartown, GA 30125
Phone: 770-748-2619 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Treat Mountain Callers

Born and raised in Georgia, Shawn Williams couldn’t live in a better State to enjoy the outdoors. He currently lives in Cedartown, which is located about 65 miles from Atlanta and has a wonderful wife and 5 children that keep him busy at all times. He enjoys camping outdoors and turkey hunting and is an avid collector of anything that relates to the ever-elusive wild turkey.

Shawn was first introduced to turkey hunting in May of 1995. Thanks to an invite from a good friend he bagged his first gobbler weighing in at 20lbs 7oz and sporting a 10-¾ inch beard with 1 1/8 inch spurs. His first influence to try his hand at making turkey calls came from seeing a few handmade calls by Harry Burkette “Lavendar Mountain Game Calls” at the Coosa Valley NWTF Chapter membership banquet, where he is now an active committee member. Intrigued by the detail and craftsmanship of the handmade calls he saw at that banquet, Shawn decided to start collecting them. However, collecting these fine musical instruments wasn’t enough and in the year 1996 he began making his first calls.

Shawn first started giving his calls away to friends or anyone that wanted one and continued this practice until the year 2000. After several years of perfecting his call making skill he began selling his calls under the name “Shawn’s Custom Turkey Calls, but eventually changed it to “Treat Mountain Callers”. This name was chosen from a local area in which Shawn frequently hunts.

Shawn’s product line is quite extensive. His styles of calls include both large and small box calls, glass and slate, scratch boxes, tube calls and mouth calls. But it doesn’t stop there, he even tries his turning hand at crow calls, duck calls and deer grunts. Every Treat Mountain Caller that is sold is 100% handmade by Shawn himself. Painted artwork is available upon request and even custom collector sets. Shawn’s preferred woods for making calls include: Walnut, Honduras Mahogany, Cherry, Popular, Purple Heart and Pad auk. It is the pure enjoyment of making a call, tuning it and proving it works, that keeps Shawn excited about call making. And as Shawn would say, “Nothing excites me more to call up an ole gobbler or to hear a customer or friend tell the story of how that ole Treat Mountain Caller worked like a charm.

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