Name: Roy Wilson
Address: 29007 South Horn Road; Harrisonville, MO 64701
Phone: 816-719-0697 Fax:
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 Custom Wingbone Callers

The first decision any new callmaker has to make is what style of calls do they want to specialize in. For turkey callmakers this can become quite a task, since there are a variety to choose from. Box calls, yelpers, slate calls, terrapin shells and even push button calls all have a list of pros and cons associated with them. However one style of call separates itself from the rest and that style is none other than the “Wing Bone”. Wing bones calls have been around for quite sometime, and the steps involved for building one is time consuming thus making the end product a true custom job. When Roy Wilson began making calls in early 2000 he opted to pursue this type of call and has had no regrets since. Today Roy’s Custom Wing Bone Callers have evolved into works of art that are gaining attention by both call collectors and hunters abroad.

Roy Wilson was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri and has stood behind the barrel of a gun since the age 10. He has hunted deer, dove, quail, pheasant, duck and goose but nothing excites him more than hunting turkey in the spring. In fact Roy doesn’t even have to shoot at a bird to have a great hunt. In the early spring Roy can often be found in the woods practicing his calling techniques. He loves to hear them gobble and watch them display and for him that is what the hunt is all about.

Roy started making wing bone turkey calls more or less to use the wing bones as a trophy of his first turkey. Pleased with his first attempt he started making them for friends and family members. With each call made the better he got and the better the calls got the more he wanted to build. His biggest challenge he overcame was perfecting the sound of the wing bone. Wing bones calls often sound better when they are made from the bones of a hen. But most customers want a trophy made from their gobbler. To fix this problem Roy discovered he could simply change the sound by making the bones shorter or longer and even by honing the insides of the bone to make them thinner. He is now able to make gobbler bones sound like a young hen, old hen, jake or even a boss gobbler, depending on what the customer wants.

Callmaking for Roy is currently a hobby that he would love to see turn into a family business for his 3 sons, Spencer, Hunter and Sam. Spencer being the older has already become a huge help and has been quick to learn how to cut, clean and even sand the bones. Roy averages around 100 calls a year and normally has a waiting list due to the increased demand for his calls. Roy’s calls are collector grade and each one is built to the specifications provided by the customer. When a customer sends Roy their turkey bones he is always willing to personalize it with the date and time of the kill, the weight, beard or spur length, name and even the NWTF chapter they belong to. All calls are painted with a feather and turkey tracks somewhat of a trademark that distinguishes Roy’s calls from the others.

Roy has recently started making custom bamboo yelpers. Each bamboo yelper features his famous painted feather and turkey tracks just like those provided on his wingbones. All of Roy's calls come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and he has yet to have one returned after it has been shipped. On a side note, Roy is a collector of calls himself and enjoys swapping his custom wing bone and bamboo callers for other callmakers custom calls. His calls can be purchased from Midwest Turkey Call Supply or directly from him.

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