Name: Bruce Wurth
Address: P.O. Box 872; Suisun, CA 94585
Phone: 707-422-3899 Fax:
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 American Friction Turkey Calls

As an avid turkey hunter living in California it was Bruce's dream to call up birds using calls that he made. With between 50 and 75 birds under his belt it was time to do something about his dream. Over that past two or three years Bruce worked to understand and develop calls that were to his standard and of a design he liked. The results were a boat paddle turkey box, a glass friction call and a unique patent pending striker design.

Call making is currently a part time business for Bruce. He works as an engineering coordinator for a local machinery manufacturer in his area. Although like most call makers their construction becomes a labor of love. It's a hobby that will never make him rich but he is hoping to turn call making into a full time activity when he retires. Free time is taken up with call making and family activities with his wife and four children. As you can imagine call-making time is limited and so is his production.

The calls Bruce makes are the Cut-N-Paddle, a boat paddle design that produces loud high pitched raspy yelps, cutting, soft tree yelps, purring, yelps and clucks. This call is an excellent locator call in the field. The unique sounds it produces will excite even that old picky Tom that is hened up and hard to pull off and head your way. These calls are 100% hand-crafted and hand tuned by Bruce. Pride in the quality of his work is evident. Each call carries a "born on date" and Bruce's signature as a mark of the calls quality. If you order a call over the phone you'll more then likely be played several calls to choose from. Bruce realizes that each hunter has an ear for just what he wants. These calls have won Bruce recognition for their quality and craftsmanship. In 2000 one of his boat paddle box calls won the blue ribbon at the NWTF contest in Nashville TN.

In addition Bruce makes a glass friction call named the "Cut-N-Purrfect. It has a full range of tone and will produce very soft notes to the sharpest and loudest of calls. Bruce refers to his glass call as the "hottest call on the market today"

The third and most novel of his ideas is his special striker called the "Tipit". Friction call lovers know that a call sounds different with each different type of striker you use on the call. Each material differs in it's make up and density. It's up to the hunter to find that combination that makes that Old Tom jump to his feet. What works today may not the next or even an hour from now. Bruce hit the nail on the head with a striker design that allows you to change the tip of the striker. The striker comes with a selection of different tips from woods to man made materials each has it's unique tone. The tips screw into place just like the tips on an arrow. You only need to carry one striker and a few tips in your pocket.

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