My name is Greg Hodges and I am a full time Software Engineer. I have worked in the Computer industry since 1992 and I also provide consulting services for website creation and software application development.

My hobbies and interests include waterfowling, golfing and computers and there seems to never be enough time for all of them. My love for the outdoors has lead me to volunteer much of my spare time to Ducks Unlimited and its mission of wetland conservation. I have been actively involved with Ducks Unlimited since 1990.

I am a committee member for my local Ducks Unlimited Chapter, State Treasurer for Alabama Ducks Unlimited and also a member of the Callmakers & Collectors Association of America.

I started the Custom Calls Online website in 1997 and currently serve as the founder and webmaster. Although I am not a callmaker myself, I have always been intrigued since my early days of hunting with the detail and craftsmanship that is involved with making game calls. With that said I became inspired to use my talents in the field of computers by providing this website as a focal point for callmakers and collectors to meet and share ideas. Through the years of operating this website, I have gained a great appreciation for those individuals that make an effort to continue this great profession both full and part time. My involvement and interaction over the years with the numerous callmakers I have meet has created some great friendships with individuals that I hope to meet face to face one day in the future.




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