If you have game call kits and parts sources you would like to share please email us at ghodges@customcalls.com so we can add them.


Grassy Creek Game Calls - Turkey call kits and parts.

Hut Products Inc. - Game call turning kits.

Custom Sawing - Turkey call kits and parts.

Call Purrfect - Diaphragm turkey call kit and parts.

Modern Call Products - Voice replacement kits for various types of calls.

Grassy Creek Game Calls - Duck call kits, grunt call kits, coyote/owl hooter kits and turkey call kits.

Advanced Spring Technology - Precision springs for game calls.

Tony Hartlage Phone: 502-228-9789 email: tony@wingtipsdown.com - Goose call guts including worn guts (Nylon and ABS).

Greg Keats Phone: 301-279-7086 email: greg@gregkeats.com - Goose call guts for both resonant cavity and short reed goose calls.

Jim Miller Phone: 717-362-4032 - Turkey call parts.

Jacob Loos Phone: 402-489-0111 email: loosoutdoors@windstream.net - Goose call inserts and o-ring inserts.

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